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So What is a Short Sale?

The term Short Sale is used to refer to those real estate transactions in which the agreed-upon purchase price is insufficient to pay off all of the secured dept on the property including the costs of closing and real estate commissions.  In most Short Sales, the seller must secure an agreement from one or more third-party creditors to accept from the closing proceeds something less than the remaining amount of the debt due them.  In other words, the debt is "shorted" or reduced.  The one thing common to all Short Sales is that the final decision on price and terms of the transaction, as well as the identity of the ultimate buyer, will be in the control of the third parties, usually creditors, whose consent to the transaction is required in order for the seller to covey clear title to a buyer.  Just to make sure we're on the same page, a short sale is simply when a lender accepts less for a home than is currently owned.

In Short Sale transactions, seller and buyer should br prepared for delays resulting from requirements and process time from creditors, changes to the price, terms and conditions agreed upon in the original transaction, responses from third-paty creditors, as well as other events outside of the seller's and buyer's control.

As a Buyer, right now there are great oppurtunities to purchase a home well below market value.  If you don't mind the little bit of extra time involved you could reap huge rewards through a Short Sale and have instance equity in a home.

As a Seller, you need to know that a foreclosure is bad business for a bank and you. That means there is a huge upside for doing short sales.  And these days, banks are motivated to minimize risk as much as possible.  A short sale does that for them.  Doing a short sale keeps you from losing your home to foreclosure and it keeps you from having the negative mark of a foreclosure on your credit. That's HUGE!  ALL major lenders do short sales. In fact, they have entire departments dedicated to that very thing.  It's called the loss mitigation department.  It's just that sometimes what they SAY they'll do and what they'll actually do are two different things. To do short sales, you have to learn the process and it's a new skill that most Realtors simply don't know.  The sooner you begin the Short Sale process with a knowledgeable agent the better it is.  We are one of the very few real estate companies in town with a quick sale division specializing in short sales.

No Equity? Behind on Payments?

You may qualify for a Short Sale! 

A short sale is a special transaction that allows: 

You to sell your home – even when your mortgage 

Debt is higher than the value of your home.


I am a professionally trained real estate agent (CDPE, SFR, CDPD and LDPD) who has been specifically trained on how to negotiate a settlement with your current lenders so you can sell the property and get out from under this burden. Best of all, my commission will be paid by the bank, so you won’t have any out-of-pocket expense!

If you would like more information on selling through a Short Sale or how to buy property through a Short Sale...  Simple fill out the information below or click the Insta-call button.


 If you would like more information on selling through a Short Sale or how to buy property through a Short Sale...  Simple fill out the information to the right or click the Insta-call button.

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